How to Play Suited Connectors

Suited connectors are two cards next to each other in the same suit, like the 9 and 10 of hearts, learn gambling tips at site. In high-stakes poker, suited connectors can be both a benefit or an easy way to get out of a hand without spending too much money.

Know the Risk

Suited connector hands are great when they coincide with a strong flop. Small suited connectors can oftentimes develop into a strong hand and when they can't due to cards in the flop, then they can be folded without spending too much money. However, if the right flop occurs in middle stakes, no limit hold'em poker, these hands can win a large pot when played correctly. Don't be too overly aggressive, but be willing to bet some chips to get other players to do the same like other game backgammon online.

Bluffing with Connectors

If the flop is in your favor and the connectors are good, a fairly large pot and aggressive players could cause you to choose an "all in" bet for somewhat of a bluff. Sometimes other players will fold on such a bet. Other ways to handle this is by making a small bet and trying to build the pot slowly. Naturally, even with a lower suited connector hand, there is always the possibility of being beaten. Be aware of what the players at the table are doing to best gauge an appropriate bet while playing at Cartasi Casino online.

Connectors can be beneficial if you play them right. Watch others and don't be risky with your bets unless you are fairly sure you can either cause others to fold, or your hand may be the best at the table if others are willing to take the chance.