Connectors and Betting Strategies

Connector cards are any two cards that go together to form a straight, learn tips at site. Having two connector cards in your hand is a far greater advantage than two cards with a gap in between. That combination can also work toward a straight, but with less draw possibilities.

Low Card Connectors

Connector cards in the lower half of a suit require conservative play and attempting to get a flop at Bwin Casino online. If the connector is borderline, such as J and 10, this is by far a greater advantage. The more people in the pot the merrier in this situation, because you want to have the pot increase as much as possible. It is hard to beat this hand if a straight is completed on the table going up in card ranking. The likelihood of winning on this hand is not overly positive, as a high straight is difficult to get, so try and be conservative with how much money you contribute to the pot.

High Card Connectors

When holding face card connectors, play should be more aggressive and win with Online Blackjack. Place moderate to large bets in an effort to force other players into a fold. It is permissible to see the flop before betting heavily, but if the cards work out in your favor, begin placing some fairly heavy bets. The odds are definitely against making a high-end straight, and it is possible to beat your hand with full house pairs or a flush on the table, so even if everything looks good, be cautious.

Hand strategies based on connector cards are more successful in later table positions where you can view other bets after the flop. It is easier to take risks on achieving a straight when you see what others around the table are doing.