Cartasi Online Casinos

Many of us who are not very well versed with the various online and brick and mortar casino games would perhaps think that CartaSi is another popular casino game which actually it is not, visit site for best casino. In fact cartasi casinos are those casinos which accept a specific and unique prepaid credit card that is exclusively for those who are into gambling and other such gaming activities where payment and receipt of money is involved. This is basically a facility that is available to players who are registered in Italy. This facility is extended only to these players and through such cartasi casinos they would be able to make use of these prepaid credit cards using Moneybookers and other such payment gateways to make payment and receive payments. All that a player needs to do is to set up a Moneybookers account and he or she is then ready to play in such cartasi casinos and play games like online backgammon. The registration instructions are also quite easy and simple to understand which make the whole operation quite easy and manageable.

Multi currencies are also permissible while you make payment using these CartaSi credit cards. Players can choose USD, Euro or GPB as the modes of payments with Bwin Casino. The payments made to these cartasi casinos get reflected in the customers account within 15 days and the customer also gets around 45 days to make the payment. Hence, it is becoming a very popular and commonly used mode of payment as far as players from Italy are concerned.

Making payment through this prepaid credit card is quite safe and your personal details are well protected. You can be sure that you are safe against fraud and you can also be sure that your password and other such vital details are safe and secure playing Texas Holdem Poker. So the next time around you would do better to choose cartasi casinos in view of the advantages explained above. You can also get relevant information from the internet also.